Supernatural Favor & Intimacy With God Superpack

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Supernatural Favor & Intimacy With God Superpack:

This power-packed bundle contains:

1. The audio MP3s from all four teaching sessions from my live Keys to Supernatural Favor workshop ($20 value):

  • Session 1: Understanding the Force of Favor (46 minutes)
  • Session 2: Harnessing the Flow of Favor (38 minutes)
  • Session 3: Becoming a Funnel of Favor (39 minutes)
  • Session 4: The Favor of Intimacy with God (36 minutes)

2. PLUS my never-before-released Father's Blessing MP3, an 11-minute recording in which I prophetically speak the Father's blessing over you, accompanied by soft solo piano. This goes along with session 2 of the workshop ($3 value);

3. PLUS my never-before-released teaching on "Jesus, the Living Sacrifice" (29.5 minutes about the mission of Jesus to reveal God as Father) ($4 value);

4. PLUS a downloadable, PDF copy of my brand-new Bible study, "Ruth: A Study of Favor, Redemption, and Restoration." This practical, engaging study focuses on how God used the honor-favor-blessing cycle in the book of Ruth to redeem and restore His children--and how He'll redeem your story too ($15 value);

5. PLUS two bonus MP3 tracks of model prayers set to music that you can play and lift up to God in agreement for yourself. I haven't released my Heart of David model prayer project yet, so this resource pack is the only place you can get these. One prayer is for intimacy with God and the other is for your relationships with other people ($2 value);

6. PLUS three bonus clips of worship and prayer from the workshop (see note below), which are available for a limited time only;

7. PLUS, to top it all off, I'm including my 3-session MP3 set of my series "The Ministry of the Intercessor" ($12 value):

  • Session 1: The Call of Intercession
  • Session 2: The Challenge of Intercession
  • Session 3: The Cost and Crown of Intercession

I want you to have the intercession workshop because every believer is called to intercede, and these teachings will give you the tools you need to either start interceding or take your intercession to the next level ... and you'll never be closer to God than when you're interceding for someone else.

This radical pack of resources is valued at $56.

The teaching MP3s from Supernatural Favor contain the teaching and some of the ministry/prophetic words from each session. Worship and MP3s from sessions 1-3 (over 29 minutes of worship combined) are broken out into separate MP3s, but are also included with this package. Note: We had some sound issues with the bass ranges during some of the worship, so all of the worship is not included; and the clips I have included here may not always be available. But I included it here because the worship is still beautiful, and you can still feel the raw power of the worship and prayer before each session.**


*From my newest sermon series, not yet released, entitled THE JESUS LIFE: A Magnificent Obsession with the Son of God.

**Live worship was provided by Kara Green, and all songs are copyright Kara Green and used by permission.

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Supernatural Favor & Intimacy With God Superpack

2 ratings
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