The Pre-Incarnate Christ, the Angel of the Lord, and Melchizedek Video Class (Recorded Webinar)

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Would you like to see actual footage of Jesus in His supernatural body, before He came to earth as a baby?

Well, this class may not contain actual footage from eternity past, but it's just about as good ... because it DOES contain intense, powerful revelations from Holy Spirit about Jesus, the Pre-Incarnate Christ, who also manifested Himself and displayed His nature under the names The Angel of the Lord and Melchizedek.

Holy Spirit showed up mightily in this class with a powerful visitation.

He ministered these revelations of Jesus to everyone in attendance, even explaining the Scriptures in ways that were new to Jamie as she taught! And it's all preserved on video for YOU to experience now!

In this class, Jamie teaches:

  • How Jesus showed up over and over, still in His supernatural body, in the Old Testament;
  • How Christ has always demonstrated His nature and attributes through personal visitations;
  • Who was the Being called "The Angel of the Lord" in the Old Testament; what He did, and why was He called that?;
  • Who was the mysterious being Melchizedek, and what Melchizedek is doing now;

There was a powerful, indescribable move of God in this class--and YOU can experience the same thing today by watching the video!

Here are some testimonials from people who attended the live class:

  • "Oh how I needed this teaching today!!! His presence is so strong right now!!!" - Enseia
  • "Mind blown.... God has shown me this in this order that you are sharing it such confirmation" - Crystal
  • "I feel His love so near." - Bethany
  • "So good. Life changing revelation." - Jaime
  • "Awesome teaching!!!" - Nancy
  • "Outstanding, dear sister" - Ann
  • "Amen YES so blessed by this Word! Thank you Jamie!" - Lisa
  • "Loved this class. Confirmed much of what Holy Spirit has said to me." - Cynthia
  • "Blessed me. Thank you so much." - Rhonda

Friend, Christ has always visited His people--and He wants to visit YOU today too.

In The Pre-Incarnate Christ, the Angel of the Lord, and Melchizedek, you will see how God is obsessed with you, SEES YOU and your deepest need, and will never separate Himself from His children--including you.

Watch this class today and study the powerful visitations of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament, so you can see Him even more clearly in your here and now!

This video class is approximately 1 hour 53 minutes in duration. This is an instantly-downloadable video and is available in digital format only. No physical products are available.

This product contains both high-res and low-res video versions to make downloading and streaming easy.

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You'll get an instantly-downloadable video class, 1 hour 53 minutes in duration.

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The Pre-Incarnate Christ, the Angel of the Lord, and Melchizedek Video Class (Recorded Webinar)

2 ratings
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