PAPERBACK: Over Not Under: Financial Prosperity God's Way

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Do you want God to empower you to get wealth, as He promised He would in Deuteronomy 8:18? Then Over Not Under: Financial Prosperity God's Way is for you!

This 184-page paperback book (6"x9" trade size) is a collection of 18 devotionals that all stand alone, so you can read them together or separately. These 18 devotionals are power-packed and will help you gain deep revelation about many of God's financial principles--and about how to activate God's provision, blessing, and abundance in your life!

This book makes a great gift for friends, or curriculum for small group Bible study or mastermind group, too!

Chapter titles are:

Introduction: My Testimony of Financial Rebirth

The Prerequisite: A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

Chapter 1: Prayer for Money to Do Every Good Work

Chapter 2: Does the $1,000 Seed Offering Really Work?

Chapter 3: Are You Sowing Into Good Ground? 3 Ways to Know

Chapter 4: Multiplying Your Wealth: The Kingdom Equivalent of Flipping Real Estate

Chapter 5: Does Great Wealth Come Suddenly?

Chapter 6: Making War on the Spirit of Poverty

Chapter 7: 3 Key Ingredients to the Transfer of Wealth

Chapter 8: A Payday Prayer

Chapter 9: God Gives You POWER to Get Wealth!

Chapter 10: Money Answers All Things

Chapter 11: Take the Abundance Bible Study Challenge for Financial Breakthrough!

Chapter 12: The Sixfold Blessing of the Tithe

Chapter 13: Break the Curse of Replacement Theology Off Your Finances

Chapter 14: Find Out the State of Your Flocks

Chapter 15: 7 Signs of the Spirit of Poverty

Chapter 16: 14 FAQs About the Spirit of Poverty

Chapter 17: Prophetic Word About Your Finances 

Chapter 18: Prophetic Word: You Don’t Think You Deserve Enough

Purchase your copies of this powerful, Biblical devotional book today and get inspired to walk in the wisdom and wealth of God! These teachings will help you draw nearer to Jesus and glorify His name as His royal ambassador on earth.

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1 paperback book, 6"x9" trade size, 184 pages in length

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PAPERBACK: Over Not Under: Financial Prosperity God's Way

0 ratings
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