Finding Deep Soul Healing 101 recorded webinar

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Finding Deep Soul Healing 101 recorded webinar

Jamie Rohrbaugh
23 ratings

In this 1-hour recorded webinar, I teach the first steps for how to find deep soul healing, including:

  • The basic foundation of inner healing;
  • Three open doors to the enemy, and how to close them;
  • What is unforgiveness jail, how it feels to be in it, and why you want to get out of it;
  • The faceted nature of hurts and wounds; and
  • How to follow the leading of Holy Spirit to receive inner healing.

This packet also includes the sample prayer for forgiveness and soul healing that I use when I facilitate inner healing sessions. You can use this prayer and the information presented in the webinar to walk yourself through the first part of deep soul healing from the Lord.

Note: These products are downloadable only, and are not available in physical format.

Also note: If you already bought the 21 Kisses/Inner Healing Superpack, then you already have this webinar in that product bundle.

Note: The instructions page contains a link to the webinar video in my storage archives, but due to a change in archive services, I added THREE actual MP4 videos below. 

These videos are simply 3 versions of the same class, since I taught the webinar 3 times. The teaching material is the same on all 3 videos; but the Q&A will be different on each one, and the interaction with the class attendees will be different on each one. Watch one or all, as you prefer. :) Either way, the archive link in the instructions is no longer needed.  You can access the video itself without the link, since I've added the complete video files.

I want this!


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