IMMUNITY: Finding Victory In the 7 Healings of the Cross recorded webinar

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  • "I want to listen to this again and again."
  • "Thank you; I love this teaching. It has opened my eyes."
  • "Thank you, Jamie, for this teaching. This is so powerful."
  • "Thanks, Jamie. Awesome teaching!!"
  • "This is awesome and amazing."
  • "Grateful for this revelation, especially in taking communion. This knowledge and truth alone defeats the enemy."
  • "The Scriptures have always had a very figurative feel to me ... grateful that God used you today to make these connections for me!"

These are just a few of the things that listeners said about the IMMUNITY webinar. In this powerful class, I teach on the following life-transforming revelations:

Everything Jesus went through purchased something for you. But, you have to know what He purchased before you can walk in victory. In this class, I teach you how to have confidence before God for the life few people can even imagine. 

This teaching covers:

  • 7 healings Jesus purchased for you on the cross;
  • How to hide in those healings so you can see victory in your life;
  • How the healings of the cross bring you into a place of spiritual power;
  • How to see signs, wonders, and miracles activated in your life--through the power of the cross.

You don't have to strive anymore. You can hide in the healing Jesus purchased for you, and it's easy. 

The victorious life in Jesus shouldn't wear you out--and it won't wear you out, if you'll implement what I teach you in this class.

You were made to be a carrier of God's glory and Presence. People should feel God when you walk by, even if you don't say anything. When you touch people, they should get healed. Wondering how to get there? I'll teach you how.

Also ... 

Signs, wonders, and miracles exist for one purpose. In this class, you'll learn what that purpose is and how to see those signs and wonders activated in your own life.

This downloadable class contains 1 hour 56 minutes of video, plus 10.5 pages of PDF class notes. Everything is completely digital and instantly downloadable; no physical products are available.

If you want to live a life of immunity to the devil and TOTAL POWER in Christ Jesus, get today and carry out the very practical teaching of the Scriptures that I share in this class!

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IMMUNITY: Finding Victory In the 7 Healings of the Cross recorded webinar

5 ratings
I want this!