Healing from Church Wounds: You Can Be Whole Again EBOOK

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Healing from Church Wounds: You Can Be Whole Again EBOOK

Jamie Rohrbaugh
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Has your heart been broken and wrecked by what people have done to you at church?

Church wounds are some of the most painful wounds a person can endure because they cut right to the spirit. But, no matter what has been done to you in church, you can be healed from those wounds! You can be whole again! And Jamie's ebook, Healing from Church Wounds: You Can Be Whole Again, will help you walk through God's healing process.

This book contains the material that Jamie learned directly from the Lord as He walked her personally through healing from devastating church wounds.

Chapter titles include:

Chapter 1: When Going to Church Hurts

Chapter 2: How to Respond When You Get Hurt In Church

Chapter 3: How to Forgive the Church for Hurting You

Chapter 4: How to Forgive the Church as a Whole

Chapter 5: Church Wounds Are Mother Wounds

Chapter 6: Prayer for Deliverance from Hatred

Chapter 7: 21 Signs of a Toxic Church

Chapter 8: 10 Reasons to Leave Your Church

Chapter 9: When Painful Things Explode Unto Healing

Appendix: How to Begin Walking In the Manifest Presence of God

Healing from Church Wounds: You Can Be Whole Again will minister to your heart as Holy Spirit touches you and brings healing to your life.

This product is a PDF ebook, instantly downloadable, 8.5"x11" in size and 61 pages in length. This book is only available in PDF ebook format at this time.

Download your copy of this powerful ebook today and pray God's Word of healing, hope, and restoration back to Him!

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