How to Pray with Power video teaching (recorded webinar)

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How to Pray with Power video teaching (recorded webinar)

Jamie Rohrbaugh
16 ratings

Do you want to pray with more power, more anointing, and more authority? 

More importantly, do you feel like your prayers should be getting better results?

If so, How to Pray with Power will equip you, encourage you, and help you see God work in your life more than ever before!

In this 1.25-hour video (a recording of a live webinar), I taught about prayer and God showed up. It was powerful! 

Here's what we covered in class:

  • What prayer is and is not;
  • How God longs to encounter you in prayer;
  • How Holy Spirit facilitates prayer;
  • The only reason to pray;
  • How to get what you pray for every time; and
  • 7 tips that will help you pray with POWER!

This class is one of the most powerful webinars I've ever taught. If you want to take your prayer life to the next level, watch this class and get inspired and equipped!

This product contains one downloadable video of approximately 1 hour 25 minutes in length. I also included a printable PDF of my class notes as a bonus gift to you.

Note: This product consists of instantly-downloadable, digital files. No physical copies are available.

I want this!


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