7 Prayers to Pray Over Your Character EBOOK

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Do you desire to become closer to Jesus? Do you want Holy Spirit to conform you to the image of Christ? If so, Jamie’s ebook, 7 Prayers to Pray Over Your Character, is for you.

In this ebook, Jamie teaches in detail how to pray over your character, letting God transform your heart and actions into the image of Jesus more every day.

These 7 prayers over your character include the following topics:

  • Introduction: Positioning Your Heart

  • Prayer 1: Lord, Keep Me From Sinning Against You!

  • Prayer 2: Lord, Teach Me To Love

  • Prayer 3: A New Heart and a New Spirit

  • Prayer 4: Let Your Word Dwell In Me Richly

  • Prayer 5: Lord, Set a Watch On My Mouth

  • Prayer 6: Lord, Search Me and Purify Me

  • Prayer 7: Lord, Make Me Humble

  • Are You a Disciple of Jesus or a Fan of Jesus?

  • How to Begin Walking In the Manifest Presence of God

If you want to love Jesus more and be closer to Him, these 7 prayers are for you.

As you pray through the 7 Scriptural keystones for these 7 heartfelt prayers, God the Holy Spirit will answer your prayer and change your heart, soul, and life to look more like Jesus every day.

7 Prayers to Pray Over Your Character is an ebook in PDF format. It is 50 pages in length, 8.5" x 11" in size, and is instantly downloadable. No physical copies are available at this time.

Get this PDF ebook today and begin praying these Scriptural prayers over your heart and character every day!

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1 printable PDF ebook, 50 pages in length, 8.5" x 11" in size

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7 Prayers to Pray Over Your Character EBOOK

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