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Speak Life Volume 3: The Harvest Is Plentiful EBOOK

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Are you ready for a harvest of supernatural blessing and power in your life? If so, this ebook contains 450 Scriptural confessions--TOOLS to help you RECEIVE and walk in all that God has for you!

The 450 Biblical confessions in Speak Life Volume 3: The Harvest Is Plentiful will help you walk in God's manifest glory and power every day.

The chapter titles in this ebook are:

  • Introduction
  • 25 Declarations of Immediately and Suddenly
  • 31 Confessions for Glory Carriers
  • 75 Confessions for a Joyful Heart
  • 31 Biblical Confessions of Hope
  • 25 Biblical Confessions About Building
  • 35 Confessions of Humility
  • 101 Confessions of Obedience to God
  • 55 Confessions of Perseverance
  • 21 Tiny Prayers that Glue Your Faith to Jesus
  • Speak These 50 Confessions of Light to Dispel the Darkness
  • The Believer’s Manifesto
  • Appendix: How to Begin Walking In the Manifest Presence of God

If you want to draw closer to Jesus, stand firm in faith, and be filled with the fruit and power of God's Holy Spirit, download this ebook today and get started speaking His power over your life! He will move as you speak; God's Word never returns to Him void!

Speak Life Volume 3 is a PDF ebook, 57 pages in length.

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Speak Life Volume 3: The Harvest Is Plentiful EBOOK

0 ratings
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