7 Days of Healing from Rejection and Abandonment EBOOK

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Have people hurt you, abandoned you, rejected you, and walked away from you? Does your heart still bleed from the sting of rejection? If so, Jamie’s ebook, 7 Days of Healing from Rejection and Abandonment, is for you.

In this ebook, Jamie explains in detail how you can follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as you walk through this 7-day process of prayers and exercises that will help you receive deliverance and soul healing from the Lord.

The topics include:

  • Day 1: How the Demonic Spirits of Abandonment and Rejection Work Together

  • Day 2: Four Signs You Have a Stronghold of Rejection and Abandonment

  • Day 3: Biblical Strategy for Knocking Down Strongholds

  • Day 4: How to Forgive So You Really Get Free

  • Day 5: A Lifestyle of RECEIVING from the Lord

  • Day 6: How to Break Ungodly Soul Ties

  • Day 7: Healing from Bitterness

Beloved, you can be completely healed from rejection–so healed that:

  • You can be free from pain;

  • You can feel good socializing again; and

  • You can feel absolutely comfortable making friends, with no fear of rejection.

How? God can do it, and we have seen Him do this for countless people who have followed the specific inner healing process from God’s Word that is taught in this ebook.

7 Days of Healing from Rejection and Abandonment is an ebook in PDF format. It is 43 pages in length and is instantly downloadable. Get this ebook today and begin walking through the healing process with the Lord today!

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7 Days of Healing from Rejection and Abandonment EBOOK

2 ratings
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