15 Days of Supernatural Encounters devotional EBOOK

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15 Days of Supernatural Encounters is a powerful, 15-day devotional e-book that will help you encounter Jesus' manifest presence each day. These articles were recently featured on the blog, but are available in e-book format for your convenience.

This e-book contains 15 daily devotionals, each with:

  • A Scripture reference to read;
  • An encouraging word;
  • A short, sample prayer; and
  • A "Listen" section with recommendations for a song or video to watch to pray into the day's assignment.

This e-book comes in PDF format and is 44 pages long (40 pages of teaching material plus supplemental/cover pages).

Testimonials about this series from the blog include:

  • "You reach me Jamie, you touch the very core of my being. The Father allows you to read my scroll. I give Him all the glory."
  • "You know, God Himself led me here. Every day is an answer to my prayers of desperation as I felt myself slipping beneath the waves. Bless you."
  • "New oil, new wine! Praise God, Abba, Father, Heavenly Daddy!"
  • "Jamie, I so needed that word today. I need an answer from Father God on which door he is closing at this time. The song by Eddie James, "I Am," ministered to me much! Thank you, Jamie."
  • "Jamie, I bless you for this word for me today. I know this is coming from God our Father to encourage me to rely on Him only. I thank God for you today."

Download 15 Days of Supernatural Encounters today and begin this series of radical, life-changing moments alone with God!

This e-book is Part One of the 31 Days of Supernatural Encounters series. This book is available in digital format only, and is not available in print form.

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15 Days of Supernatural Encounters devotional EBOOK

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