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LABYRINTH Bundle #2: ebook + Boundaries Video Class + Soul Healing 101 Video Class

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LABYRINTH Bundle #2: ebook + Boundaries Video Class + Soul Healing 101 Video Class

Jamie Rohrbaugh
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Friend, if you're being abused, it's time for the abuse to stop. And the LABYRINTH and How to Escape It + Boundaries + Finding Deep Soul Healing 101 BUNDLE will show you God's miraculous path to freedom. This bundle is a $55 value for only $48.

In the LABYRINTH ebook, Jamie teaches Scriptural keys that form a 7-step process for getting free from abuse, control, manipulation, accusations, and the people who inflict them. These empowering keys will help you cut through emotional turmoil, outside pressures, brainwashing, and self-esteem issues to walk directly into LIBERTY ... and be led by Holy Spirit the whole time.

Don't miss these vital teachings from Scripture about how to get out of the evil web of enemy attacks that has been coming against you!

The LABRYINTH product is a PDF ebook, instantly downloadable, 8.5"x11" in size and 29 pages in length.

PLUS, this product includes the VIDEO CLASS on Boundaries: What's Good, What's Bad, What's Healthy.

This video class will help you learn how to establish healthy boundaries according to the Scriptures, so you won't be used, abused, and run over anymore! We also talk about how to avoid unhealthy boundaries that keep God's blessings from entering your life.

The Boundaries class is a digital video, 1 hour in length, and is instantly downloadable. This product includes the video and audio files of the class (to make streaming or listening easy for any device), as well as 5 pages of PDF class notes.

PLUS, this product includes the VIDEO CLASS on Finding Deep Soul Healing 101--the class that teaches you how to help make the pain go away from what people have done to you.

In this 1-hour recorded webinar, Jamie teaches the essential first steps for how to find deep soul healing, including:

  • The basic foundation of inner healing;
  • Three open doors to the enemy, and how to close them;
  • What is unforgiveness jail, how it feels to be in it, and why you want to get out of it;
  • The faceted nature of hurts and wounds; and
  • How to follow the leading of Holy Spirit to receive inner healing.

This packet also includes the sample prayer for forgiveness and soul healing that I use when I facilitate inner healing sessions. You can use this prayer and the information presented in the webinar to walk yourself through the first part of deep soul healing from the Lord.

Note: These products are downloadable only, and are not available in physical format.

**Yes: If you buy the ebook, it's perfectly okay to keep a copy on your phone, print it off and put it in a notebook, etc. at the same time. As long as you are the only person using it, you can use it in multiple formats or devices at once.**

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1 PDF ebook, 29 pages in length, plus 2 video courses


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